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Direct Mail

When it comes to Direct Mail, we’re the perfect one-stop-shop for your business. We tend to your needs every step of the way – from logo design, to laying out collateral, to the actual printing and even shipping. We take care of all the behind the scenes work so you can focus on running your business. No matter what type of organization you’re a part of, direct mail services from Marathon Printing and Graphics can be an integral part of your success.

How it Works

As Easy As 1,2,3

Direct Mail is an incredibly effective marketing channel with a proven track record that dates back decades. There’s never been a more effective traditional marketing approach, and we’re proud to help your business continue this result-winning practice. Our approach to direct mail can be broken down into a pretty simple 3-step process:

First: Design. We offer quality logo design and graphic design services. That means that not only will we help you lay out your direct mail piece to make sure you have the presentation that’s best for you, but you don’t even have to have your own logo. Leave the design work up to us!

Second: Print. We offer a wide range of high-resolution digital and offset printing services to make sure that your direct mail deliverables are the highest quality possible. Whether you’re hoping to send postcards, brochures or even letters on a branded stationery, our printing services are the perfect way to bring your designs to life.

Third: Mailing. Anyone who has ever executed a direct mail campaign before understands just how tedious and time-consuming the actual mailing process can be. That’s what we’re here for! We are able to take care of all addressing, labeling, barcoding, sorting, sealing, stamping and, of course, shipping!

When you work with Marathon Printing and Graphics for your direct mail needs, you get more than a business partnership. You get the peace of mind that says your campaign is going to be executed effectively and efficiently. We’ve been doing this since 1980. Our experience and expertise make us the perfect direct mail partner for you.

What We Do For You

When we say full-service, we mean it. Our goal is to provide you with more comprehensive and efficient direct mail service than you’ll find anywhere else. We strive to be the best. Our ability to contribute to each stage of your campaign – from design to printing to mailing – and to manage the details along the way, is second to none. But there’s more that sets us apart than simply what we can do.

Above all else, what makes Marathon Printing and Graphics different from other print shops in the area is our service. We work with you to understand your needs and make sure that we are educating you on your best options along the way. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your campaign and we understand that the best way to ensure that satisfaction is by helping you to understand all of your options. We don’t hand you a catalog and ask you to figure it out on your own. We walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, to help you feel sure that your campaign will be successful. The importance of details cannot be overstated. That’s why we work with you, hand-in-hand, to be sure nothing goes overlooked.